Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How to beat the Common Cold in one day!

Two days ago I was around someone who was not sick, but getting sick. This is the most contagious point in the life of the cold virus. There are over 200 different viruses, each one separate, distinct, and unique. That is why you never have the same cold, and that is why you may always catch a cold. So I tried not to think about it (the mind has great influence over the body), but I couldn't stop thinking about it. The next day, my throat began to ache. It did not feel exactly like the sore feeling your throat gets when you know you are getting a cold, but just a consistent ache. So even though I'm  thinking " I'm getting sick again", I tried to dissuade the thought by thinking "well, I was singing a lot yesterday, and maybe something happened to my throat, to empower my voice, and so maybe it's not a cold". yeah right. A couple hours later, my nose began to run, then I really knew I was getting sick. So I tried 4 simple remedies and I beat a cold in 1 day and here they are:
  1. Drink water. A doctor I know said that if you can drink one glas of water every hour the cold should be on it's way out in a day.
  2. Consume a lot of fruits and dilluted (50/50) fruit juice because they are high in  Vitamin C. If you can, eat only fruits for breakfast and you will feel soooo much better.
  3. Finely chop up half and onion, place it in a short drinking glass, and drizzle honey all over it. This is supposed to rest overnight, (I let it rest for about 4-5 hours because I wanted to kock it out real fast) but if you can, rest it overnight. The honey causes the onion to 'weep' its juice. Pour this into the blender add a small amount of water and blend on high until is is blended :). Pour this back into the glass and add 3 drops of Oregano oil. Now let me tell you, Oregano oil is very potent. Some people have severe allergic reactions to this. Use this at your own discretion and risk. Oregano Oil burns everybody's tongue, so the way to avoid this is to drop the oil in the foam the blender created, open your mouth wide, and swallow fast. You can make this and chop the other half onion and marinate it overnight to drink the next day, but do not add the Oregano oil until you are ready to drink it.
  4. Do a saline nasal rinse. Cold viruses lodge in your mouth, eyes, and nose. These are the critical areas that is why you need to thoroughly wash your hands very often in the cold season and keep hands away from these sensitive areas. So I used a neti pot, follow the directions on the box. the most important factor I found useful was keeping the nostrils one abouve the other in a straight line, and lowering yout forhead below your nose.
  5. Apply the Throat Compress. This is an effective hydrotherapy treatment for many conditions of the throat as it compels the body to attract the blood to throat to warm it up thus bring all the fighter white blood cells to kill the bacteria present.
    1. Take a cotton pillowcase, make sure it can wrap around your neck at least twice, saturate it in ice cold water, ring it out. Wrap it snugly around you neck.
    2. Cover this with a flannel  (or thick cotton, but flannel is preferred) towel, and secure with it with a saftey pin.
    3. Wear this overnoght. In the mornig the wet cotton cloth should be dry.
    4. Remove the wrap, and wet a another cotton cloth in ice cold water and bridkly rub your throat with it.
I hope  you will find this an effective treatment for your cold in this cold season. :) 

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