Friday, August 24, 2012

Myself and interesting Blogs

My name is Imani. I have a variety of hobbies and activities that I enjoy some of which include: cooking, baking, cake decorating, playing with my pets: two dogs and two cats, reading, listening to music (my choice genres are classical, gospel and sacred hymns), I spend a lot of time with my family. I engage in discussions with my family every day at our dining room table, and these discussions more often then I would prefer‑ become debates.
Blogging is a new trend in our society. Blogs are websites that bloggers dedicate to the exploration and expansion an issue that interests them. Blogs have been the go-to source for many people with questions, and have saved cookie batches, trained cats, evolved revolutions, and delivered the morning news among many other topics. There are thousands of blogs on the interweb and the subject choice varies from top rated news reports to knitting to car repair to, oh my, just anything.
 Today I previewed several interesting blogs. is the place to receive the latest tech news and information. This blog is for tech-y people. Readers will find this blog informative, and engaging. Written by a variety of writers in a modern easy to read style, read write web is a site for techs and novices alike to keep up-to-date with technology. Readwriteweb is not informal in its appearance, but it isn’t formal either, I would describe it as casual or modern. Below is a sample of the mixture of images and headlines used at readwriteweb.

New Apps "Listen" For the Secrets Behind Political Ads 


. . . as well as bits of political news (how can they help it ???).

Google's Plan to Steal the Election Audience  appeals to astronauts and space scientists be they homemade or skilled. The style of the text on this blog is formal, intellectual, proper and yet very interesting .The tone is formal. This is evidenced by the word choice, font selection, and the kind of pictures embedded in wired science. The images are carefully selected, purposefully employed, and reflect the purpose and content of the post effectively. wiredscience is in the top 100 blogs for several reasons , one is that wiredscience appeals to and satisfies the enthusiasm of its audience.  Even though I am not an astronaut or space scientist be it homemade or professional I find wired science intriguing and out of the ordinary. Check this out:

Photo Gallery: Curiosity Rover Makes First Tracks on Mars

 Is not that cool?
Blogging is fun, informative, and rewarding.  I look forward to future endeavors with